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In late 1964, Ken Peters (then Superintendent of California's Beverly Hills Unified SchoolDistrict) and Burt Taylor (then Superintendent of California's Glendale Unified School District) informally explored the formation of a group of suburban superintendents throughout the United States, similar to superintendent groups already organized by superintendents in cities of 100,000+. This idea was discussed further with a number of superintendents in California and other areas of the United States. They felt the proposal had a great deal of merit.  It was then decidedthat a letter would be sent to a number of superintendents throughout the country, inviting them to a Sunday breakfast on February 14, 1965, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the then-site of the the annual meeting of the American Association of School Administrators.

Meanwhile, as the letters from Peters and Taylor suggesting the breakfast meeting were being distributed, Paul Avery, Superintendent in Winnetka, Illinois and Charles Brown, Superintendent in Newton, Massachusetts, were also discussing the possibility of forming such a group.  Before the February 1965 meeting, through conversations among the four superintendents, it was decided to bring the two groups together at a breakfast meeting at AASA.

Approximately 15 superintendents arrived for breakfast; Avery and Taylor served as temporary chairpersons.  Peters was unable to attend the Atlantic City meeting.  Following the discussion, the superintendents decided that a combined group should be formed.  Lloyd Michael, Superintendent in Evanston, Illinois, and Paul Avery invited the group to hold its first meeting in Evanston, at the Orrington Hotel, with the plan that a majority of the sessions would be held at the Evanston Township High School, located a short distance away. The meeting dates were set for Thursday, May 20, 1965 through Saturday noon, May 22, 1965.

The first meeting, with 28 superintendents in attendance followed this outline:  Thursday was a day of visitations at the Evanston and New Trier High Schools, and the Winnetka, Wilmette, and Glencoe elementary schools.  On Thursday evening, the members were guests of the Orrington Hotel for the first official dinner.  On Friday, the program was divided around several topics:  an innovation clinic, a research clinic, and a problems clinic.  Each member participating led the discussion on one of these areas. The session continued on Saturday morning with a business meeting and adjournment.  It was agreed at the business meeting that the organization would be informal, with membership limited to approximately 30-35 superintendents on an invitational basis.  The group decided to meet in May of each year.  Meetings would be held on a rotating basis in three regional areas of the United States: the East, Midwest, and West.

It was agreed, that in May 1966, the second meeting would be held in Beverly Hills, California.  In May 1967, the annual meeting was scheduled in the St.Louis area, and in 1968, in the New York City area. This geographic rotation has been the pattern of the group's meetings since its inception.

Later, SSS was enlarged to a maximum of 100 members, and Bylaws were added; however, the basic structure of the group has existed since its inception at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City and at the organizational meeting in the Orrington Hotel.

Photo of this event

Photo of this event


2013-2014 David Cash, CA (President-Elect)

2012-2013 David Schuler, IL

2011-2012 Keith Lutz, NE

2010-2011 Edward Shine, CT

2009-2010 Gwen Gross Irvine, CA

2008-2009 Dave Kroeze Northbrook, IL

2007-2008 Gerald Kohn Harrisburg, PA

2006-2007 Don Phillips Poway, CA

2005-2006 Laura Murray Flossmoor, IL

2004-2005 David Benson St. Louis, MO

2003-2004 John O'Rourke Endicott City, MD

2002-2003 Gail Uilkema Piedmont, CA

2001-2002 Jim Morse East Grand Rapids, MI

2000-2001 Don Senti Clayton, MO

1999-2000 David Clune Wilton, CT

1998-1999 James R. Brown Glendale, CA

1997-1998 Henry S. Bangser Winnetka, IL

1996-1997 Gayden F. Caruth Park Hill, MO

1995-1996 Richard D. Hibschman Scarsdale, NY

1994-1995 Albert "Bud" Marley Calabasas, CA

1993-1994 James H. Warren Highland Park, IL

1992-1993 Thomas N. Keating Kirkwood, MO

1991-1992 Richard Fiander Summit, NJ

1990-1991 Julian Crocker Paso Robles, CA

1989-1990 Joseph S. Zapytowski Grand Haven, MI

1988-1989 Donald R. Draayer Excelsior, MN

1987-1988 William G. Zimmerman Jr. Wayland, MA

1986-1987 Richard Kirkendall Claremont, CA

1985-1986 Robert H. Metcalf Lake Forest, IL

Temporary Co-Chairmen

1964-1965 Paul Avery Winnetka, IL

1964-1965 Burtis E. Taylor Glendale, CA

 Past Executive Secretaries of SSS
1966-1992 Carroll F. Johnson Professor Emeritus, Teachers College, NY
1992-2007 William Attea Glenview, IL