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Leading the way

Suburban School Superintendents Association is a national organization for superintendents committed to leading the way in public education.


Suburban School Superintendents Association is the premier organization representing suburban districts across the country, committed to providing opportunities for high-quality professional learning and networking to further the educational experiences for students at a national level.

The Membership experience

The SSS experience is often considered among the best professional learning and meaningful professional collaboration available to superintendents. Learn more or login below

Over 500,000
Students Served

State Superintendents of the Year

Lighthouse Districts Represented

I appreciate the long-standing professional network of colleagues who continuously help each other to grow and develop, professionally and personally.”
Jane L. Westerhold, Member since 2012.

The members of Suburban School Superintendents are among the most innovative leaders across the country. It is the go-to organization for professional learning and collaboration. As superintendents our jobs can sometimes be lonely - SSS members are always there for each other for advice, counsel, or just to be a listening ear.”
Dan Bridges, Member since 2015.

SSS brings together some of the most brilliant, skilled, and dedicated superintendents from across the country, and the opportunities the organization provides to learn from and with my colleagues are unmatched.”
Bryan Luizzi, Member since 2022

With SSS, I love being on the forefront of change and the willingness of our members to take risks in order to be better leaders for our staff and students."

Jennifer Kelsall, Supt Ridgewood HS District 234

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